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The Eysturoyartunnilin or Eysturoy Tunnel, includes the world’s first undersea roundabout, as well as an impressive art installation.

0069 Eysturoyartunnilin
Eysturoy Tunnel and Undersea Roundabout
GPS: 62.098717, -6758426

Long before the Eysturoyartunnilin was even thought possible, back in 1999, a young student from the small village Rituvík on Eysturoy island was fed up with his long car trips to the capital, Tórshavn. 

Looking from his village across the water, Torshavn is not that far away.

However, the bridge that connects the two islands is far away, and what should be a very short trip, takes over an hour.

So Tóki Højgaard wrote to his local paper and suggested that they build a tunnel under the Tangafjørður strait.

15 years later, in 2014, the Faroese government decided to do just that.

Eysturoyartunnilin Graphic

On 19 December 2020, the Faroe Islands opened their longest under-sea tunnel, which also contains the world’s very first undersea roundabout.

Eysturoyartunnilin Depth Chart

The Eysturoyartunnilin (Eysturoy tunnel) is an impressive 11,2km (6.9 miles) two-lane tunnel network that reaches a depth of 189 metres (613.5 feet) under the North Atlantic Ocean. 

The tunnel network cuts down travel time between the capital Tórshavn and Runavík from 64 minutes to just 16 minutes. 

Undersea Art Installation

But this tunnel isn’t just a fast way to get around, it is also a work of art. 

Tróndur Patursson
Tróndur Patursson

Local artist Tróndur Patursson was commissioned to turn the deep-sea drive into a creative experience. 

His design installation of moving, multicolored lights, illuminating the domed ceiling has locals affectionately calling this ‘the jellyfish roundabout.’

Eysturoyartunnilin Artist Installation
Eysturoyartunnilin Artist Installation

Tróndur added an 80m-long sculpture in the center of the roundabout which shows the silhouettes of dancers participating in a traditional Faroese line dance.

Eysturoy Tunnel art installation
Eysturoy Tunnel art installation

As you drive your car around the circle, these dancers move in unison to the left.

This is a dance of community, of unity, and it was Tróndur Patursson’s vision for this art, that together, we can accomplish anything.

Ambient Immersive Experience

Jens L. Thomsen – Composer of Ambient Tunnel Experience

Jens L. Thomsen, a Faroese musician and sound-engineer created an ambient soundscape to add to the experience of your undersea journey.

All sound elements in his musical creation were recorded during the construction of the tunnel. 

In order to listen to the music, tune in on FM radio 97.00 while in the tunnel.

Future Faroe Island Tunnels

This tunnel project was the largest single investment ever made in the Faroe Islands, totaling around 260m Euros.

Eysturoyartunnilin Entrance Daytime
Eysturoyartunnilin Entrance

The price for entering the underwater tunnel as a commuter is 75 DKK (12 USD). 

You will be charged 150 DKK (about US$23) for a one-way journey without a tunnel pass.

The income from this new tunnel is expected to fund future tunnel projects on the Faroe Islands.

Future Tunnels of the Faroe Islands
Future Tunnels of the Faroe Islands

Two more are already under construction, and another 14 are on the drawing board or wish list.

The biggest of the future tunnel projects will be the tunnel from the southmost island of the Faroe Islands, Suðuroy, to the island of Sandoy. 

This tunnel is expected to cost around 3.4 billion DKK (450 million Euro) and will be around 24 kilometers (15 miles) long, which will make it the longest undersea car tunnel in the world.


Gunnleyg Mikkelsen (voiceover)

Lofi Records – LofiGirl.com (music)
Goson x DreamfieldBelieve In Yourself
Provided by Lofi Records
Watch: https://youtu.be/MueYgyCZpgQ
Download/Stream: https://fanlink.to/DreamsofAngels

Kringvarp Føroya – KVF.fo (additional footage)
Ringurin í Atlantis (Tróndur Patursson) – https://kvf.fo/dokumentarurin?sid=122364
Eysturoyartunnilin Part 1 – https://kvf.fo/dokumentarurin?sid=132233
Eysturoyartunnilin Part 2 – https://kvf.fo/dokumentarurin?sid=132519
Eysturoyartunnilin Part 3 – https://kvf.fo/dokumentarurin?sid=132812

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