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Franz Liszt Academy of Music

The Franz Liszt Academy of Music founded by composer Franz Liszt, is Hungary’s most prestigious music school and an Art Nouveau masterpiece.

Franz Liszt Academy of Music
Liszt Ferenc Square 8 – Budapest
Phone: +36 (1) 462 4600
Web: lfze.hu/en
GPS: 47.503366, 19.064676

The very first day, on my very first visit to Budapest, as I was meandering the city’s streets, there was a building that stopped me dead in my tracks. The Franz Liszt Academy of Music. Every inch of the building facade was drenched in stunning Art Nouveau style, and I was immediately in love.

This concert hall and music academy was founded by Hungarian composer Franz Liszt in 1875, and is still Hungary’s most prestigious music school.

With stained glass windows made by Miksa Róth.

The foyer has 22 glazed orbs from the famous Zsolnay factory of Pécs. According to tradition, the ‘spirit of music’ resides in ONE of these orbs. Just prior or musicianship exams, student race to touch each of the orbs before the test, hoping the Spirit of Music will somehow inspire them.

At the Franz Liszt Academy of Music building, there are Greek Mythology references are in every detail.

The highlight of the tour, is undoubtably the Grand Hall. Symbolic vegetation of the laurel tree dominates the entire room.

I beg you to take the 2-hour guided tour of the Academy. Every mosaic, fresco, and mural is explained in detail. Every metaphor in the design and architecture is pointed out and explored. The guided tour only deepened my love for this incredible building. Some tours come with a mini-concert featuring one of the Academy’s star pupils or instructors.

If you want to enjoy an actual concert in the midst of this bewildering beauty, premium seats at run about $15.

So take the tour, grope some orbs, go greek, get down with some musical masters, and feel the spirit of music, at the Franz Liszt Academy building.

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