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Heroes’ Square

Heroes’ Square or Hősök tere was built in 1896 for the Hungarian Millennial Celebrations to boost Hungarian Pride.

Heroes’ Square
Hősök tere
City Park – Budapest
GPS: 47.514889, 19.077728

Heroes’ Square or Hősök tere was built in 1896 for the Hungarian Millennial Celebrations to boost Hungarian Pride on the 1000th birthday of the Kingdom of Hungary.

Even if you are not Hungarian, you will get a sense of their greatness and many even a small dose of Hungarian pride, just by walking through.

Heroes’ Square Center Column

Archangel Gabriel In his right hand the angel holds the Holy Crown of St. Stephen (Istvan), the first king of Hungary. In his left hand the angel holds a two-barred apostolic cross, a symbol awarded to St. Stephen by the Pope in recognition of his efforts to convert Hungary to Christianity.

At the base of the column is a group of seven mounted figures representing the seven Magyar chieftains.
These were the men that led the Hungarian people into the Carpathian basin and starting the Hungarian state. In the front is Árpád, considered to be the founder of the Hungarian nation. Followed on both sides by the remaining six chieftains. Little survives in the historical record about these men, so their look and fashion are probably not historically accurate.

The back of the Heroes’ Square monument consists of two matched colonnades, each with seven statues representing Habsburg emperors and Hungarian rulers. Below each statue is a relief sculpture of the most iconic moment from each of the historical figure’s lives.

Statues of the Left Colonnade

Topping the outer edge of the left colonnade is a statue of a man with a scythe and a woman sowing seed, representing Labour and Wealth.

At the inner end of the left colonnade, is a male figure driving a chariot using a snake as a whip. This represents War.

Left Side Historical Figures and the Iconic Moments

STATUE: Stephen I of Hungary
RELIEF: the king receives the crown from an emissary of the Pope

STATUE: Ladislaus I of Hungary
RELIEF: the king slays the Cuman abductor

STATUE: Coloman of Hungary
RELIEF: the king prohibits the burning of witches

STATUE: Andrew II of Hungary
RELIEF: the king leads a crusade to the Holy Land

STATUE: Béla IV of Hungary
RELIEF: the king rebuilds the country after the Mongol invasion

STATUE: Charles I of Hungary
RELIEF: King Ladislaus IV defeats Ottokar at the battle of Marchfeld

STATUE: Louis I of Hungary
RELIEF: King Louis the Great occupies Naples

Statues of the Right Colonnade

At the inner end of the right colonnade is a female figure in a chariot holding a palm frond representing Peace.

At the outer end of the right colonnade is a double statue of a man holding a small golden statue and a woman with a palm frond, representing Knowledge and Glory.

Right Side Historical Figures and the Iconic Moments

STATUE: Matthias Corvinus
RELIEF: the king with his scholars

STATUE: István Bocskay
RELIEF: Hajdú soldiers defeat the Habsburg imperial forces

STATUE: Gabriel Bethlen (statue by György Vastagh)
RELIEF: the prince concludes a treaty with Bohemia

STATUE: Imre Thököly
RELIEF: the battle of Szikszó

STATUE: Francis II Rákóczi
RELIEF: the prince returns from Poland

STATUE: Lajos Kossuth
RELIEF: Kossuth rallies the peasants of the Great Plain

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