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Jens-Kjeld Jensen Workshop

Jens-Kjeld Jensen is a self-taught, internationally recognized bird expert, with a rather unique workshop on the island of Nólsoy.

Jens-Kjeld Jensen Workshop
Í Geilini 37, Nólsoy, Faroe Islands
T: +298 327064
Web: http://www.jenskjeld.info
GPS: 62.010395, -6.677532

Jens-Kjeld Jensen, originally from Denmark, has been living in the Faroe Islands since 1970.

Jens-Kjeld Jensen Profile image
Jens-Kjeld Jensen

Jens-Kjeld is a very specific and quite peculiar kind of specialist.

When it comes to knowledge of the birds, insects or any other kind of animal in the Faroe Islands, he is a self-taught expert.

His passion for learning absolutely everything there is to know about birdlife has rightfully earned him a place as a local expert on the subject.

Jens-Kjeld Jensen stuffing bird
Jens-Kjeld Jensen stuffing bird

Jens-Kjeld Jensen has also written several books about animal life, with a special focus on birdlife in the Faroe Islands. 

Jens-Kjeld Jensen Book on Fulmar
Jens-Kjeld Jensen Book on Fulmar

In May 2015 he was awarded an honorary doctorate degree by the University of Faroe Islands for his devotion to the subject. 

Jens-Kjeld Jensen Vitin Diploma
Jens-Kjeld Jensen Vitin Diploma

Locally, Jens Kjeld might be best known by his expertises in stuffing birds, but he also has great interest in all Faroese flora and fauna.

His knowledge of the local plants and animals of the Faroe Islands has made him a well known expert throughout the world. 

His website is a great resource of collected information gathered from his extensive research.

Jens-Kjeld Jensen also has a protected piece of land where he cares for a variety of willows. These willows once covered the Faroese islands in ancient times, but have since become scarce due to the multitude of hungry sheep.

Rock blasting Debris Faroe Islands 2017

With all of his intensive self-study of nature, it should bot be surprising that Jens-Kjeld Jensen is also an outspoken environmental activist.

He often uses his position as a respected expert to raise awareness of environmental issues and to keep the Faroese government focused on keeping the Faroe Islands’ nature pure and pristine. 

But with all of his world-wide acclaim, he still works in his workshop on the tiny island of Nólsoy.

jens-Kjeld in his workshop

If arranged in advance, he is happy to guide visitors through his workshop, where it is possible to purchase stuffed birds and other unique Faroe Islands souvenirs.

jens-Kjeld and his wife Marita
jens-Kjeld and his wife Marita


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