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Liberty Statue

The 40-meter-tall Liberty Statue, standing high above Gellért Hill, is a prominent feature of Budapest’s skyline.

Liberty Statue
Szabadság szobor
Gellért Hill – Budapest
GPS: 47.486744, 19.048028

I was recently told that I could see the Statue of Liberty from a friend’s rooftop here in Budapest. For the very briefest moment, I thought, “You can see New York from your roof?” But then I realized that he meant Liberty Statue at the top of Gellért Hill.

The 14 meter tall bronze Liberty Statue stands atop a 26 meter pedestal and holds a palm leaf up high. Its height, standing far above Gellért Hill, makes it a prominent feature of Budapest’s skyline.

There are two smaller statues at the base. One of the biggest questions I have had for Budapestians, is why they put their chewing gum all over the muscular tushes of these statues. Everyone I ask seems shocked that this is even happening. So I don’t think I will ever get an answer.

Built in 1947 as a remembrance of the Soviet liberation of Hungary during World War II, which ended the occupation by Nazi Germany. This was declared ‘liberation’ and the following text appeared in Hungarian and Russian:


TRANSLATION: “To the memory of the liberating Soviet heroes [erected by] the grateful Hungarian people [in] 1945”

But the soviets took that opportunity to formally occupy Hungary, and public sentiment toward the Soviets decreased to the point of revolution. After the 1989 transition from communist rule back to democracy, the inscription was modified to read:



TRANSLATION: “To the memory of those all who sacrificed their lives for the independence, freedom, and prosperity of Hungary”

The Russian-language version of the tribute was removed in its entirety.

The base of Liberty Statue is also known for having THE very best view of all of Budapest. But please, keep your chewing gum off of the muscular butts.

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