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Listasavn Føroya

Listasavn Føroya is The National Gallery Of The Faroe Islands. Faroese culture and history told through a variety of art mediums.

Listasavn Føroya
The National Gallery Of The Faroe Islands
Gundadalsvegur, 9
Viðarlundin Park, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
Web: www.art.fo
GPS: 62.017738, -6.780543

When you imagine the Listasavn Føroya, a National Art Gallery in a country with a population of only 50,000 people, you might assume that the collection would consist of only few pieces, gathered together only for the sake of opening the gallery.

Listasavn Føroya - Exterior
Listasavn Føroya – National Gallery of the Faroe Islands

In the case of Listasavn Føroya, this could not be further from the reality.

These tiny islands, with some of the most stunning nature and landscapes in the world, have had a profound impact on Faroese art, and have been inspiring artists of all kinds for centuries.

And some of the notable artists in the Faroese collection could easily stand up, on par with the biggest names in the international art community.

Tróndur Patursson
Christen Holm Isaksen
Sámal Joensen-Mikines
William Heinesen
Steffan Danielsen
Ingálvur av Reyni

The National Gallery of the Faroe Islands was established in 1989. 

Their permanent collection of approximately 2,500 works of art showcase not only the work of Faroese masters, but the work itself gives a wonderful insight into the culture, history, and emotions of the Faroese people over hundreds of years.

Artwork of: Sámal Joensen-Mikines Dansen  (The Dance)  1994
Sámal Joensen-Mikines
Dansen (The Dance)
William Heinesen - Faroes National Gallery of Art
William Heinesen
Fólkemøde / Fundarfólk á heimferð
(Popular Meeting / After the Popular Meeting)
1955 / 1964
Sámal Joensen-Mikines - Returning from a Funeral - 1937
Sámal Joensen-Mikines
After av jarðarferð
(Returning from a Funeral)

But the biggest star in this collection, are the landscapes of the Faroe Islands.

Green mountains, steep sea cliffs with rich bird life, the unforgiving ocean, dramatic weather, colossal rock formations, the countless sheep, and picturesque villages.

Unique to this gallery, the Faroese tradition of knitting has its own room to celebrate one of the country’s oldest and most tenacious industries.

Listasavn Føroya has also tapped into the excellence of local musicians to create links between art and music.

Five bands and musicians have composed songs that were inspired by a singular piece of art in the National Gallery’s collection.

As one of the local musicians selected for this project, Lea Kampmann chose to create the music to enhance the experience of viewing the work of her great-grandfather, Jack Kampmann

While standing in front of Jack Kampmann’s painting, Smack on Slipway, play the track and allow Lea’s music to unlock the emotions of the piece, as seen through the local Faroese.

You can listen to this music by scanning QR codes within the museum, so be sure to bring your headphones with your smartphone.

And now the snow is resting
on the village
I have yet to say:
“There’s so much I have yet to…”

And now snow is resting
On me as a light sheet road*
And we’re walking hand in hand
At Niðaravegi (Common street name, lit: The lower road)

And now the snow is resting
And I want some rest as well
The frost-bidden words are still hanging,
As sheets on the clothesline , they’re still hanging
A winters’ eve with heavy snow

And now the snow is resting,
And I need some rest as well
Fear and earthquakes are far, far away

The National Gallery of Art is located in Viðarlundin Park in the center of Tórshavn.

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