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Museum of Hungarian Agriculture

The Museum of Hungarian Agriculture, the biggest museum of agriculture in Europe, can be found in Vajdahunyad Castle in City Park in Budapest.

Museum of Hungarian Agriculture
Phone: +36 1 422 0765
Web: www.mezogazdasagimuzeum.hu
GPS: 47.515052, 19.083074

The Museum of Hungarian Agriculture, the biggest museum of agriculture in Europe, can be found in Vajdahunyad Castle in City Park in Budapest. The entrance to the museum is in the Baroque building.

What you will quickly forget as you are walking up the beautiful staircase, is that this building, Vajdahunyad Castle, was built solely for exhibition. The details on the walls, the chandeliers, it all looks as though this is an actual Baroque palace perhaps hundreds of years old.

But this stunning building is not really what this museum is more famous for. As you continue your tour, you leave through a passage from the baroque castle to the medieval castle. As you climb the imposing stone stairs, the mood quickly changes.

Though this is named ‘the Museum of Agriculture’, it seems that a more correct name would be ‘The Museum of the Hunt.’ For though there are small samples of bird eggs and logs, what people really come for is the ‘Hall of Hunting.’ As you reach the top of the stair you are greeted by Antlers, horns, hooves, and fur cover the walls from the floor to the cathedral ceilings. Stuffed birds and mounted bears, posed ready to take flight, or attack.

It is not the fact that these things are there, But it’s the sheer number of these objects and the fact they completely cover the walls of this airplane hanger sized room that might impress you.

The Agricultural Museum is often empty, so as the you reach the top of the stairs, it is as if you have entered a sacred temple of a forest creature necromancer. Echoed footsteps and hushed whispers lend a quiet respect to these relics of the hunt.

The collection has been destroyed twice since its opening 100 years ago. Through many donations and loving attention, this shrine of the dead animal has been restored to its former glory.

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