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Sound and Light Show

“Sound and Light” is a unique multi-media attraction that tells the history of medieval Bulgaria with a light show on Tsarevets Fortress.

L0058 Sound and Light Show
Tsarevets Square
Website: www.soundandlight.bg
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

“Sound and Light” is a unique attraction for Europe, and was quite ahead of its time 30 years ago when it first premiered.

Dramatic music, multicolored lights, lasers and church bells gathered in one, tell the glorious and dramatic history of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.

The concept for this spectacular, dates all the way back to the early 1960s.

The government of Veliko Tarnovo was looking for unique ways to promote the old capital as a historical, cultural and tourist destination.

The actual name for this audio-visual show is “The Legend of Tarnovo.”

The original concept was to create an elevated viewing area across from Tsarevets, with a full view of the fortress.

To the sides of the scene, would be illuminated wall panels with projections that would tell the story of the dramatic history of Bulgaria from its origin in 681 to the capturing of Tarnovo from the Ottoman Empire in 1393.

The show premiered November 1985, in time for the 800th anniversary of the Uprising of the brothers Asen and Peter, and the beginning of the Assen Dynasty.

The history told through the presentation is synchronized with the dramatic music and light display on the hill.

The current, 21-minute show, includes 2,400 multi-color searchlights, 140 floodlights (toward audience) and 6 massive bells weighing from 600 kg to 6 tons.

The original production of this show launched in 1985 was meant to possibly run for 30 years.

The ‘sound and light’ show is performed year round, regardless of weather conditions.

To find the schedule of performances, check their website at soundandlight.bg

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