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Statue of Anonymous

The Statue of Anonymous located in Budapest’s City Park, sits mysteriously with his identity hidden within a hooded cloak.

Statue of Anonymous
Vajdahunyad Castle
Budapest, Hungary
GPS: 47.515338, 19.083197

The statue of Anonymus, the first medieval Hungarian chronicler, is located in Budapest City Park, in the courtyard of Vajdahunyad Castle. The work of sculptor Miklós Ligeti pays tribute to the nameless storyteller. Anonymous was the notary of a Hungarian King, probably Béla III. and he is famous for his work, Gesta Hungarorum (“The Deeds of the Hungarians”), written in Latin around 1200. This work provides the most detailed history of the arrival of the Hungarians to the Carpathian Basin (in Hungarian: Honfoglalás).

TRIVIA: This statue makes an appearance in the 1990 Anthony Perkins film, ‘Daughter of Darkness.’

“Anonymus,” was the pen name used by an unknown chronicler who wrote the “Gesta Hungarorum” or “Deeds of the Hungarians” in the 12th century. This work is a valuable historical source for the early history of Hungary, including the reign of King Béla III. Below is an overview of Anonymus and his work as it might be presented in an extensive blog post:

The Mysterious Chronicler: Unraveling Anonymus in King Béla III’s Court

In the annals of medieval history, one name stands out for its mystery and historical significance – Anonymus. Anonymus was the pen name of an anonymous chronicler who penned the “Gesta Hungarorum” or “Deeds of the Hungarians” during the 12th century. This enigmatic figure left behind a historical treasure that sheds light on the early history of Hungary, including the reign of King Béla III.

I. Who Was Anonymus?

The identity of Anonymus remains one of history’s greatest mysteries. While there are theories about his identity, he chose to remain anonymous, and his true name remains unknown. Some theories suggest that he might have been a cleric or a notary in the court of King Béla III.

II. The Gesta Hungarorum: A Historical Gem

The Chronicle’s Purpose: Anonymus’ primary work, the “Gesta Hungarorum,” was commissioned by King Béla III to provide a historical narrative of Hungary’s past. It covers the origins of the Hungarian people, their conquest of the Carpathian Basin, and key events up to the 12th century.

Historical Significance: The “Gesta Hungarorum” is invaluable for historians. It offers a glimpse into the medieval mindset, historical legends, and early Hungarian history. However, it’s important to note that it combines fact with folklore, making it a complex source to analyze.

III. The Reign of King Béla III

King Béla III: Béla III was one of Hungary’s most notable monarchs, known for his efforts to strengthen the kingdom. During his reign, Hungary underwent significant political, social, and economic changes. Anonymus’ chronicle captures key events during this era.

Anonymus’ Perspective: Anonymus was writing during the reign of Béla III, which adds an interesting layer to his work. His perspective on the king’s rule and his portrayal of the political landscape offer valuable insights into this historical period.

IV. Challenges of Studying Anonymus

Historical Accuracy: Anonymus’ work, like many medieval chronicles, contains elements of legend and folklore. Historians must carefully analyze and corroborate his accounts with other sources to separate fact from fiction.

The Missing Pieces: The “Gesta Hungarorum” is incomplete, leaving gaps in our understanding of Hungary’s early history. This has led to debates and discussions among scholars about what might be missing from Anonymus’ narrative.

V. Legacy and Impact

Anonymus’ “Gesta Hungarorum” has left an indelible mark on the study of Hungarian history. Despite its complexities, it remains a cornerstone of medieval Hungarian historiography. Scholars continue to study and interpret Anonymus’ work to gain a deeper understanding of Hungary’s past.


The mysterious Anonymus, a chronicler in King Béla III’s court, has left us with a historical puzzle that continues to captivate scholars and history enthusiasts alike. His “Gesta Hungarorum” offers a window into the early history of Hungary, and his legacy endures as an essential piece of the medieval historical tapestry.

This blog post would aim to provide a comprehensive overview of Anonymus and his work, exploring both the historical context and the challenges of studying medieval chronicles while highlighting the enduring significance of the “Gesta Hungarorum.”

Wikipedia article on this statue.

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