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The Goldsmith’s Treasure

The Goldsmith’s Treasure is a tragic love story, written in 1871 by August Šenoa, and is set in Zagreb, Croatia.

0065 The Goldsmith’s Treasure
Zlatarevo Zlato
Croatia’s First Historical Novel
GPS: 45.815755, 15. 975187

Bibliophile travelers that want to visit Croatia, should get their hands on Croatia’s first historical Novel.

Written in 1871 by August Šenoa and recently translated into English, The Goldsmith’s Treasure is a tragic love story, and is often compared to Romeo and Juliet.

It is a tale of a prohibited love between the common daughter of a goldsmith and a nobleman’s son.

Set right in the heart of Zagreb.

Although the leading characters in the story are fictitious, the same medieval streets, squares, churches, markets, and monuments you will see in Zagreb, all appear in this book.

Lets meet Dora and Pavao, as two Zagreb actors in historical cos-play costumes, tell us about their story.

The fight for love and passion is dramatized with the additional of nobles, commoners, charlatans and murderers, all who attempt to divide the devotions of Dora and Pavao.

Dora lived in the first house on the left of the Stone Gate.

It was her job to lock and unlock the gate every morning and evening.

Her iconic image is always holding a small chest, with the key to the gate inside.

In order to commemorate their famous heroine, the residents of Zagreb commissioned Croatian sculptor Ivo Kerdic (CARE-dis) to create a statue of Dora.

The city set the statue into the wall of the Stone Gate, just next to Dora’s house. 

A monument of author August Šenoa can be found a short distance East of Jelačića Square.

August Šenoa Monument
GPS: 45.813781, 15.981673  

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