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Tórshavn Coat of Arms

Flag of Tórshavn

Flag of Tórshavn

0074 Symbols of the City of Torshavn
Cobblestone Tórshavn Coat of Arms
Corner of Kongagøta and Niels Finsens gøta
Tóshavn, Faroe Islands
GPS: 62.011999, -6.774593

The Tórshavn Coat of Arms has been In use since the 1920’s although it has never actually been certified or formally adopted as such. 

The name of the city is literally translated as “Thor’s harbour” or “Thor’s haven.”

Coat of Arms of Tórshavn

So naturally the Coat of arms would represent that.

Within the coat of arms is the muscular arm of the Nordic god of War, Thor.

Holding his legendary hammer, Mjölnir.

Below the arm you will see shimmering ripples of water, representing the waves of the harbour.

The first draft of this coat of arms design was originally drawn in 1921 by Jógvan Waagstein with this sketch.

Original Tórshavn Coat of Arms Sketch

The Official Seal for the City of Tórshavn

Seal of Tórshavn

The official seal for the city of Torshavn includes the coat of arms with the words Tórshavnar Kommuna, or Tóshan Municipality, encircling the coat of arms.

The Tórshavn Municipality covers the southern half of Streymoy island and adjacent minor islands and has an area of 173 km². It became an independent municipality in 1866 and is the largest in the Faroes.

Torshavn Municipality

Throughout the municipality you will see this official seal on Government buildings and official government vehicles. 

Throughout Torshavn however, you will see many variations of the Torshavn Coat of Arms. 

This symbol has been altered and used to show local pride in many ways. 

As fence posts.

In fashion.

And in one crosswalk the Coat of Arms appears through the creative use of Cobblestones.

Keep your eyes out for the Torshavn Coat of Arms, and share any creative variation you discover here.


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