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Work With SizzleMap

Work with us! If you enjoy SizzleMap, reach out to us and we can figure out a way that we can work together. If you want your product, service or brand to reach millions of travelers across the globe, please use the below form to inquire about a sponsorship.

I am open to a range of collaborations across my videos and social media channels — from dedicated integrations to product placement, brand ambassador programs and more. I am also available for speaking engagements and strategic consulting.

Below are some of the brands and tourism boards that I’ve worked on successful campaigns with.


By making over 100 videos over the last year, SizzleMap have gained a small and devoted following across multiple platforms.

My demographics are people, both young and old, from all corners of the globe — but SizzleMap’s biggest target is American males from the ages of 18-35.

Please refer to the below graphs for a visual breakdown of our audience.


Do you live in a city, town, or village that has untold stories? Do you live in a place filled with wonderful legends, people, or architecture? Is there some amazing history in your area that would make your town famous? Tell us about it! Send us an email describing the top 10 reasons why you think your town should be getting more attention. We just might show up and make a series of Travel Sizzle films, and you can work with us and be part of the team.


Please include your product/service, your website, as well as what you envision. I will do my best to get back to you within 48 hours — if there’s a delay then it means I am traveling somewhere off the grid. I’m looking forward to working together!

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